Chairman Message

“I might want to accept this open door to our esteemed clients, whose proceeded with support and trust in our administrations moves us to broaden the best of administrations and empowers us to offer some benefit for their business. We are engaged at tending to the necessities of our clients through tough, proficient, solid and tailor made arrangements and items, in accordance with the world’s ideal, while keeping up persistent connection with them to evaluate their rising prerequisite, in order to be prepared when the requirements emerge.

V. R. LOGISTICS LIMITED is a vibrant & diversified global freight & logistics company which believes in improving itself at each stage to add value. In its voyage, V. R. ran over troublesome circumstances at ordinarily however managed them deliberately and turned out without a hitch at practically times. Our general business demeanour is time and incentive with mind, conveying the primary goal to give the continuous data and cautions to our esteemed clients, partners and accomplices to make them confident by sparing their chance and cost too.

We are working with a group of roused achievers made conceivable by employing the correct ability, sustaining and sharpening their aptitudes to accomplish the most elevated amount of value. Organization’s development has been comprehensive of its representatives who alongside their families have shared positives of this achievement. We put stock in exhaustive polished skill and concentrate on giving the best answers for our clients and partners bringing about both viable and effective development. We are grateful for keeping your trust in V. R. logistics what’s more, sustaining the long haul genial relationship for a considerable length of time.”

– Ramesh Dwivedi,
Managing Director,
VR Logistics Ltd.

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