About Us

Establishment & Vision

V.R. Logistics Limited

V. R. Logistics Limited was established in the year 2003 with the vision to connect the logistics world. Since inception, it has come a long way today in establishing itself as a vibrant & diversified global freight logistics company guided by the principle of "The Whole world is One Family."

At V.R., we all believe in improving ourselves at each step & adding value to all our activities at each stage. We deal in all segments of logistics corresponding both to the export & import trades.

Company is managed by motivated professional achievers and is operated by an excellent team of skilled and talented personnel which has been made possible by hiring right and young talent; nurturing and honing their skills to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Company growth has been inclusive of its team who along with their families have shared positives of our success & by its virtue have always been benefitted.

In the last few years, V. R. Logistics Limited has expanded & have set up its subsidiaries in USA, UAE (Dubai) and established branches at all major locations across India comprising New Delhi,  Gurugram, Mumbai, Jalandhar,  Chandigarh, Panipat, Mundra, Ahmedabad and Cochin.

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