Company Policy

  1. 1. You will be on probation for a period of Six months from the date of joining. After completion of probation period and subject to your satisfactory performance, you will be intimated in writing about your confirmation in service of the company. Your probationary period will be deemed to have been extended until you receive our confirmation letter.
  2. 2. During probationary period your service can be terminated byus without giving any reason but with two working days notice. After confirmation, the company can terminate your services by giving you written notice of one month or one month’s salary in lieu of notice. If you choose to resign, you will have to give us written notice of one month.
    Not with standing anything to the contrary contained herein, the company can terminate your service forthwith by notice in writing in the event of any dishonesty, disobedience, intemperance, irregularity in attendance or any other act of misconduct or negligence or incompetence in the proper discharge by you of your duties hereunder or upon breach of any of the terms or provisions herein contained.
  3. 3. Your services are subject to transfer to any of our Office / Units / Associate Concerns located in India/Abroad.
  4. 4. During and after the tenure of your employment with the company, you will maintain total confidentiality of all matters relating to the company to which you will have access directly or indirectly and do not disclose any information of confidential nature to anyone.
  5. 5. Matters relating to your salary / compensation are strictly personal and confidential between you and the company. Disclosure of such information to anyone including your colleagues will be considered as misconduct on your part and may result in termination of your services.
  6. 6. During your employment with the company you will be required to devote the whole of your working time / attention and abilities to the service of the company exclusively and you shall not accept any additional / part – time employment.
  7. 7. Upon cessation of your employment with us, you will return to the company all company papers / documents and property in your possession, and handover proper charge to the person designated by the company. Your final settlement dues will be paid only after you hand over charge / company paper / property etc. as mentioned above and also after you obtain / produce“No due”clearance from the agencies / business associates of your area of operation.
  8. 8. You will retire from the Company’s services on your reaching age of Sixty years or earlier, if found medically unfit. For this purpose, the proof of age submitted by you at the time of joining the service of the company, and the same shall not be allowed to be changed for any reason whatsoever. Continuation of your services beyond the age sixty years will be at the sole discretion of the management.
  9. 9. You shall constantly keep in mind all government laws, regulations and rules applicable to your job and responsibilities and abide by the same and try to prevent any non-compliance thereof.
  10. 10. The post for which you are being recruited needs specific training and it will provide you an opportunity to become an expert in that particular field. Since the company is paying you Rs.xxxxxxxover and above the demanded remuneration and it will also incur expenses in training you. Thus,it is expected that you remain with the company at least for a period of three years and accordingly you are required to execute a bond in favor of the company on receiving confirmation letter from company.
  11. 11. Business Hours: Your working business hours will be 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday to Saturday). Every Second Saturday will be half day (9:30 am to 3:00 pm).Individual schedules may vary according to circumstances, including the position you hold, your employment status, or business needs. You will be made aware of your regular schedule as soon as practicable in advance when you are scheduled to work.
  12. 12. Attendance: Your attendance is extremely important to the success of the Company. We expect employees to strive for perfect attendance and arrive to work on time. We recognize that, on occasions, you may not be able to come to work or need additional time before you arrive. Sickness and other emergencies cannot always be anticipated and may requireyou to miss all or part of your work day.
    When you contact your immediate supervisor you must let them know for how long you will be out and when you expect to return or, as the case may be, arrive for work. You must submit documentation for absences due to illness of three (3) days or more. Excessive absences, or lateness and excessive patterns of absences or lateness may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. As per our company norms:

    1. A. If an employee is absent for more than 3 days in a week, the salary for Sunday will be deducted.
    2. B. Daily list of late arrivals will be sent by mail to all.
    3. C. Any employee who is regularly coming late, for no reason, even after regular warnings, then the management will have to take strict action against him/her.
    4. D. Late arrivals for more than 3 days will be entitled to deduction of 1 day salary.
  13. 13. Dress Code:Depending on your position and department, you may be entitled to dress down from business professional attire to business casual attire on Saturdays throughout the year. For female, this means they may wear formal suit, professional shirts & trousers or other casual attire. For men, professional attire are allowed. No sneakers, shorts, or attire that would expose the belly, midriff, bosom or back are allowed.The official dress code for Male is Coat Pants with tie & For Female is Formal Saree. It is Compulsory for all to dress down in particular dress code on any occasion whenever asked by the management.
  14. 14. Employee Conduct:Every employee is expected to act in a professional, responsible, and courteous manner at all times. Clearly, such behavior fosters a positive and productive working environment. Conversely, inappropriate or unprofessional behavior is disruptive and unproductive. Moreover, inappropriate conduct leads to indiscipline,including immediate termination.
    Of course, it is impossible for the company to identify all standards of conduct that are unacceptable. Again, the company demands that employees act in a professional and courteous manner. We expect that employees will use common sense and good judgment in achieving this goal. However, the company’s judgment, and not that of any individual employee, is the benchmark for what is acceptable and what is not. An employee’s conduct is not made acceptable solely because the employee believes it to be. Nor may an employee excuse his or her conduct. The company expects that employees recognize that inappropriate conduct, from rudeness to theft, is unacceptable. The decision as to what is inappropriate is left in the company’s hands and sole discretion.
  15. 15. Discipline:The Company takes a comprehensive approach regarding discipline and will attempt to consider all relevant factors before making decisions regarding discipline. Most often, employee conduct that warrants discipline results from unacceptable behavior, poor performance or violation of the company’s policies, practices or procedures. However, discipline may be issued for conduct that falls outside of those identified areas. Progressive discipline may be issued on employees even when the conduct that leads to more serious discipline is not the same that resulted in less severe discipline. That is, violations of different rules shall be considered the same as repeated violations of the same rule for purposes of progressive action.
  16. 16. Leaves Policy : As per company norms, we adopt the below mentioned policies :
    1. a. Education Leave (unpaid) :The Company understands the need for continuing education. Requests for unpaid education leave must be made in writing no less than ONE (1) month prior to the date the leave is to begin and must specify the period for which the leave is requested. Education leave will be granted by the Management.
    2. b. Paid Leaves:You are entitled to get 12 days paid leaves per year which will be encashed after the completion of one year.
  17. 17. Holidays : In addition to 52 Sundays, staff will be entitled 12 holidays.
  18. 18. Job Training:Employee will be entitled to get the department wise induction programme for stipulated time period after which the job description & department will be decided.
  19. 19. Increment:Annual increment will be done after the completion of one year. In between increment will be done on the basis of performance on discretion management.
  20. 20. Employee Suggestion:The company strongly encourages employees to offer suggestions that will improve any aspect of our operations. Just as there are no "stupid questions" there are no "stupid suggestions." Please bring any suggestions to the attention of your supervisor, or if you prefer, in writing to the Human Resources Department. While we welcome anonymous suggestions, we encourage employees to take credit for an idea. When circumstances warrant, employees will be rewarded for any suggestion that assists us in enhancing our company.
  21. 21. Grievances:Work related problems can arise in any place of employment. We hope individuals will try to reconcile differences on an individual basis. Should this not be possible, to resolve a problem quickly and fairly, the Company has developed a grievance procedure using the following steps:
    1. If you have a problem, notify your supervisor immediately. Most difficulties can be settled promptly at this point. The supervisor shall respond in writing within five (5) days of meeting with you. 
    2. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction you (and a co-worker of your choice, if you wish) may go to the Human Resources manager and verbally explain the problem to him/her; or you may instead submit the problem to him/her in writing. This step should be taken within five (5) working days after your supervisor has given his/her decision or after the incident giving rise to your grievance, whichever is later. If the circumstances require it, the [previously identified official] will conduct an investigation.
    Following his/her investigation, the human resource manager will respond in writing to your grievance. The decision shall be final.
  22. 22. Use of personal phones & unnecessary surfing on internet:The use of personal phones at work place may create a distraction to the particular employee & co-employees. Unless otherwise authorized, employees may only use personal cell phones for an emergency. Unnecessary surfing on internet like face book, twitter, etc is strictly prohibited. Any employee found guilty, is liable for punishment.
  23. 23. Bonus: As per company norms &decision there is no criteria of bonus.
  24. 24. Resignation:If you decide to leave the company, we ask that you give your Manager at least two weeks’ courtesy notice. Providing adequate notice allows your Manager to arrange for an exit interview if needed, your final paycheck and to include any unused vacation hours you may be eligible for. Resigning without notice means you will not be entitled to receive unused vacation or personal time.
    Please keep in mind that as an “employee at will” once you give notice, the company may decide it is not necessary for you to work out the entire duration of your notice.
  25. 25. Team Work:Our success begins and ends with teamwork. It is expected that each person will do their part to avoid situations that disrupt or promote others in their group to act ill-will, to be insubordinate to a supervisor or to intentionally sabotaging the efforts of other employee, team or department.
    Teamwork is promoted when everyone acknowledges the team leader, respects the leaders judgment and authority and follows through on requests / directives without questioning them in a hostile or demeaning way. Mutual respect is the underlying factor. If someone is known to intend harm against the company or a team, please see your manager.